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"Wonderful product fast delivery and professional service Great Seller A" - Read more testimonials.
Customer: Ernest Donaldson
From: Houston, Texas USA
Writes: "Pretty cool greenhouse, the instructions were simple to follow and had all of the parts conveniently organized and in one place. It was very easy to understand, thanks!"
Item: EasyGrow Greenhouse 8x12

Customer: Marie Jaegars
From: Tampa Bay, Florida Writes: "Wonderful service! Ordered on a Monday and received exactly what I ordered 4 days later!"
Item: Grow N Up 8x10 Greenhouse

Customer: Matthew J.
From: Milledgeville, Georgia
Writes: "Great deal, wonderful communication, received package within 2 days of ordering it! A+++"
Item: Easy Grow Greenhouse 8x8

Customer: Anware Barake
Location: Herndon, Virginia
Writes: "Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! In every way, a most enjoyable purchase. I love Our Crazy Deals you guys rock, thanks!"
Item: Lean To 4x10 Greenhouse

Customer: Kevin M.
From: Onsted, Mississippi
Writes: "Great people,prompt communication and shipping, this is how it's done!"
Item: Single Cold Frame Greenhouse
100% Money Back Guarantee

Offering the finest Backyard Do-It-Yourself Garden Greenhouses and Greenhouse Accessories on the Internet, including a huge selection of Medium to Large Hobby Greenhouses and one of a kind Portable Greenhouse Supplies.

We have several different types of greenhouses to choose from, such as hobby greenhouses, mini portable greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses, cold frame greenhouses, grow rack greenhouses, hydroponic greenhouses, beginner & seed starter greenhouses, pop up greenhouses, and backyard greenhouses. In addition, leading greenhouse manufacturers and brand names like EarthCare, Rion, Juliana, Poly-Tex, Brighton, EXACO, FlowerHouse, Systems Trading Corporation, and Palram!

  • Get FREE SHIPPING on all purchases within the contiguous 48 United States!
  • Offering the highest quality greenhouses at the lowest prices to better serve our customers.
  • Providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service to answer any questions, comments or concerns.
  • Our staff can assist with your purchase online or simply take your order on the phone.
  • 97% of products ship within 24 hours of purchase to ensure prompt delivery time frames.

Nature's Premium Greenhouses on Sale!

The EarthCare greenhouse brand is offering a limited time only sale on the 7' x 10' Nature's Premium green frame greenhouse kits. Get yours before they're gone! Regularly priced at$1,299.99.Priced right now, for only$799.99!
That's over $500 off regular price!
Product Link: 7x10 Nature's Premium Greenhouse

Featuring Hobby Greenhouses from Exaco!

  • The EasyStart 6x8

  • The Riga MorningGlory 910

  • Inside a Riga Greenhouse

Pirogue Planters for Your Garden!

Give your yard or garden a unique flair with these Pirogue Planters!

What Can an EarthCare Greenhouse Do For You? Just Look At What Some of Our Customers have Done!

Think Outside the Box!

Think that a greenhouse can only be used to grow plants? Sure they can, but there's other things you can do, to enjoy your polycarbonate panel greenhouse! Our customers have been using these sturdy structures, as outdoor recreation areas and spas!

We are now offering the EarthCare Grow Smart and Harvest Hobby Greenhouses in exteneded sizes. 46 - 52 - and 58 foot lengths. That's over 460 to 750 square feet of greenhouse.

The new Greenhouse sizes are:

Why Do People Buy Hobby Greenhouse Kits?

There are so many reasons some just love the outdoors and view raising plants as a way to save (or make) money in the purest form.
  • Many are just looking, for a way to expand their love of plants or take up a new hobby.
  • We have had customers, who just wanted a place to call there own little private world, and have all the natural smell of the plants.

The Advantages of using Greenhouses, Outdoor Structures, and Indoor Hydroponics Machines during the Winter months can not be over-emphasized!

Benefits of using a Greenhouse during Winter:
  1. When the winter winds start to blow the Plants will enjoy being in the warmth of the Hobby Greenhouse.
  2. It is a great way to protect them from the elements of the time of year.
  3. EarthCare Greenhouses have best customer review feedback for the efficiency of greenhouse structures during Winter.
  4. The Greenhouse is also the ideal place to start the plants off for your garden in the spring or extend your growing season.
  5. It will also look great in that corner in the yard or around the side of the house, especially with snow around it!

Learn About Greenhouse Brands & Sizes 

Greenhouse kits come in many different sizes, from the small 4 tier greenhouse for small apartment and patio gardening, deck and balcony gardening, closet gardening, and all the way up to the commercial grade greenhouse, which is perfect for starting a commercial greenhouse nursery business. Replacement parts are available for many products, such as the 4 tier greenhouse cover.


Whatever your need, we have a specialized greenhouse plan for your growing needs and requirements, guaranteed.
→ Call now at 1-866-942-4575 (Toll-Free), and let us get you planting like a pro, without breaking the bank.

We carry a large selection of greenhouse gardening supplies and accessories, including a wide variety of hydroponic gardening supplies, compost gardening supplies, container gardening supplies, lawn and garden supplies, and even hunting boots.

→ Our hydroponics line includes hydroponic germination machines, hydroponics cloning systems, new aeroponics technology growers. One of the most famous are AeroGarden growing systems, this machine has benefits that are valued way beyond, what your initial cost is!


Each brand we carry specializes in a certain type of outdoor structure product, and they are without a doubt, the masters of manufacturing their type and style of greenhouse kit.

  1. Portable greenhouse brands include; FlowerHouse greenhouse, Gardman USA, and EarthCare greenhouses.
  2. Larger professional greenhouse brands include; Poly-Tex greenhouse, Rion greenhouse, Palram greenhouses, Brighton greenhouses, STC EasyGrow greenhouse, EarthCare greenhouse, EXACO greenhouse, and the Juliana greenhouse company. Rion greenhouses start at 8' long and are expandable up to 24'.

Benefits of Combining Greenhouses with Hydroponic Gardens and Kitchen Created Compost:

The joy of greenhouses and gardening, truly, can and does come to life every day, in just one type of gardening alone. However, when all three of these horticultural methods are combined, amazing and unbelievable results can be achieved!

  • Compost will insure that the greenhouse plants have the best nutrition possible, turning household waste into premium garden soil. Purchasing the most important composting accessories, can increase rate of compost-ability, yield of composted materials, help to automate the process, and additional advantages.
  • Hydroponics gardening will be greatly intensified, due to the greenhouse effect and environment created within the structure. Moreover, latest advancements in aquaponics have allowed growers, to achieve triple harvests in a single season and up to 3x typical harvest yields. That's an insanely powerful method of growth, in which many gardeners are not aware of it's existence, yet.
  • Owning a greenhouse will lead to the realization, that they bring much more than joy and happiness to so many people's lives. It gives a very relaxing time, to just get away from the world and it just be you and the plants, for some quality time.
  • One of the best parts to greenhouse gardening, is sharing it with your children, close friends, and extended family.
  • Exercise the ability to literally grow 365 days a year, so your garden always looks amazing and have freshly cut flowers all year round!
  • Enjoy a control increase of 300%, over your growing environment.

The EarthCare 3x5 Portable Greenhouse
3 x 5 Portable Greenhouse Kit

Hot Deal
$139.99  Sale Price: $99.99
Click to view
Green Greenhouse Shade Nets
Green Shade Nets

Hot Deal
$65.00  Sale Price: $44.99
Click to view
Grow N Up 4x6 Hobby Greenhouse Kit
Grow N Up Greenhouse Kit 4x6

Hot Deal
$699.99  Sale Price: $519.99
Click to view
Lean To 4 x 6 Hobby Greenhouse Kit
Lean To 4 x 6 Greenhouse Kit

Hot Deal
$699.99  Sale Price: $529.99
Click to view
STC LEDPOTS Feel Good Remote Controlled LED Plant Pot
STC LEDPOTS Feel Good Remote Controlled LED Plant Pot - 20 Inch

Hot Deal
$299.99  Sale Price: $69.99
Click to view
The VegiBee Garden Pollinator
The VegiBee Garden Pollinator

Hot Deal
Price: $49.99
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