Crypto Conversation: Is TRON a Scam or a ‘Healer’

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This week, many various rumors and accusations go round about the Tron network and its status as a dominant blockchain project, or is it a scam? What exactly is going on with this crypto? by Flipside Crypto (June 24th, 2020 12:00 PM EDT).

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The blockchain project TRON (TRX) – a delegated proof of stake system based out of Singapore was started in 2017 by the amazingly cool-headed and stylish Justin Sun. In late Decemeber 2021, Sun stepped away from the helm of the network foundation to focus on larger cryptocurrency opportunities, as he wrote in his public letter. Tron makes a claim that it’s got a 2,000 transaction a second output and is one of the fastest, most scalable, and best platforms supporting highly responsive smart contracts.

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Trons’ entire blockchain works via usage from the one and only TVM, this machine is known to be analogous to the EVM. The founder’s team’s focus is the disruption of the webs content monetization design construction and shoots to give users a different way to make money from their data. The founding fathers have named the goal of the network the “healing of the internet.”


Many web users of recently made allegations called TRON a scam. They aim to prove this wrong and we believe they will. Upon initial contact, I won’t lie the entire network appears very artificial and I told myself, there is no way that this is legitimate. Then, I created my first investment accounts, deposited funds, and then waited until the following day, much to my surprise the projected earnings came in exactly to the specified amounts. Again, to my surprise yet again, the following day, I received profits again. Due to the decentralized nature of the project, it creates a very frightening picture to an investor and for good reason, there are many scams and fake networks out there. Read the entire article, to be certain you are working within the actual ecosystem of the Tron.Network.

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