Get FREE PRE Tokens by Using the search engine /

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Get FREE PRE Tokens by Using the Search Engine /

Why is PRE unique?

This cryptocurrency is used to “stake” keywords and phrases in the PRE network, which means you agree to lock up 100 or more tokens to put your ad to display for your terms. You don’t lose any tokens doing this either, rather they are locked and cannot be spent for a given period of time.

What’s the importance of search engine referral traffic?

If you are an internet marketer and use search engines to drive traffic to websites, then you already know how valuable highly targeted website traffic is.

For those who don’t know the value of search traffic, the company called Google has founded and built their entire company on the revenue it generated from delivering high converting leads to advertisers. Prior to it’s existence, the best way to deliver searchers to sites they actually wanted to connect with, was through and and this was not a great system if you don’t recall. Search was very hit and miss, mostly miss.

Anyway, I am getting off topic, there are industries paying $10.00+ to Google and it’s network for delivering 1 visitor for a given keyword or phrase. That’s a lot of money! In the hot tub and spa market, a click might cost you $1.00 – $4.00, while if you were bidding on a phrase like “watch movies online” or “online cartoons” one might pay $0.10 per click. The prices vary depending on which industry your in.

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