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Does Marketing Your Blog on Directories Work in 2022?

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Does submitting your website to blog directories work as an effective marketing strategy still?

To sum up a lengthy controversial topic, yes it can be effective in the 2022 internet marketing campaign resources tool belt.

However, the modern landscape is without a doubt all about quality over quantity. Look for directories ages over 10+ years ago. Today, quality costs money! It’s not cheap to get links pointes at your blog from the top sites. Submitting a blog to topic relevant networks is an awesome method of gaining authority within a niche, increase your blogs reach, get found by your audience gaining readers & subscribers, and ultimately building you a strong back link profile which is necessary to compete against the best of the best.

Why Submit Your Blog to Blog Submission Directories?

Here’s a handful of the amazing benefits  blogging directory network back links, in today’s modern marketers age, the year 2022.

  • SEO Benefits: 
  • Just as it’s always been, the best way to gain an end game level online business is by profiting from acquisition of natural search engine top 10 rankings, within your industries niche. This guarantees fresh leads and visitors to convert into money in your pocket, whatever that method or methods of approach might be. Today, organic rankings are among the hardest achievements due to a variety of reasons, mainly how advanced modern Google’s algorithms are.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO) at its core, is primarily about building great content and high quality inbound links from topically relevant authority sites; which pass a portion of the trust their website has over towards your webpage. If you don’t have a large # of “link juice” powering your site, you won’t get the chance to get into the first page results (aka top 10), for any keyword or phrase of any significant difficulty.
  • Increased Visibility & Exposure: 
  • Blog directories feature topic relevant subcategory pages that your target audience frequently visits. Aside from the perfect end user that goes to this type of webpage, there are loads of others who frequent them such web domain owners, topic researchers, content writers, everyday consumers, as well as various other category forms of valuable resources which visit the directory subcategory pages. I find that, due to being a serious webmaster, I often visit these types of places myself and I value myself among the highest valued user groups to visit a website, because I am a webmaster and have the ability to link to a particular page. The more users I can draw in, which are in this category, the more value my website will have. Furthermore, I often work with other high quality blog owners and publish my content on their websites, in exchange for a text link or banner pointing back to my website. This is called guest blogging and should be used only at the most elite sources, Otherwise Google may think we are trying to manipulate their search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Increase Your Website Trust & Authority: 
  • Domain Authority (DA) is the modern terminology used to discus the power of a website, the old phrase Google PageRank (aka PR) is no longer used as the common rating system metric rule of tumb. Today, DA is known for being a better rating scale, as it accounts for more than 100 additional known trust factoring equations.
    • If your in search of increasing the overall authority your domain has, then gaining listings in blog directories are a solid method to accomplish this goal. One can even get links deep down on internal webpages of your website, which are normally a pain to get.
    • Generally, the vast majority of directory websites will not give anything except for the highest level of the domain, because a blog is not usually the highest level of a given domain, it’s often a great way to build authority deeper into a website. This makes it much easier to rank higher for many more keywords and phrases deeper into site.

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