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Crypto Referral Codes

Here’s a master list of the best crypto referral codes and invitation reference code offers online in 2022.

Share your submissions to [email protected] and they will be processed in the order received.

Make Money

Sell back your unused WiFi bandwidth using Earn App, it's 100% safe and pays fast. I personally use it.
Any of the following links/banners will take you to reputable crypto earning faucet.
Join and begin listing your referral links.
  • Ant Coin: @whitneymike
  • Alpha Network: @mattressmike
  • BEE Network: @matressmike
  • Bitcoin Legend: @j4hiscq2wd – https://bitcoinlegend.orgTags: Mining App, Metaverse, NFT, Card Game
  • Cheatmoon Network: @whitneymike
  • Star Network: @whitneysegura
  • PI Network: @whitneymike –
  • Eagle Mining Network: @MattressMike
  • Good Dollar:
  • Invite Codes: @MattressMike –

Hexa Network:

  • Join on Hexa Network app using my referral code to earn reward bonus for both of us. Mine the Hexa in our app to earn values in future. Use this code at registration time in this app.
  • My Referral Code : MetaMattressMike
  • Download:
Hi Network

Invite only, get “hi” now!



Powered by:
MetaMattressMike’s Rocket Fuel

Bondex Network:

  • Join the talent revolution! Bondex is the largest Web 3 professional network in the world. Jumpstart your professional career while you earn BNDX tokens for building your profile, inviting friends, and logging in every 24 hours.
  • Code: CA17T
  • Download:

Ding Network:

HBCU Network:
Ingro Network:
ABNB Network:
Star Network:
Alpha Network:
  • Get 1 free coin upon signing up, plus an additional rate of + 0.40 / hour while referred users are active.
  • Invitation Code: MattressMike.
  • Download:
PI Network:
  • I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 33 million members worldwide.
  • Referral Code: whitneymike
  • Download
Bee Network:

CheatMoon Network:
  • Join Cheatmoon with the invitation code: WhitneyMike Download our app on and get 10 Cheatmoons for free! Come to the moon with us!

Harmony Network:

Ant Network:

CNX Network:

  • Hey, I am sending you 1 CNX! CoinX-Miner App is a new tool where you can mine and earn coins for free for a limited amount of time. To claim your CNX, you have to download the following app:
    After you downloaded the miner app, you can use MattressMike as invitation code. Hurry up! Just a limited amount of people can mine.
  • Referral Code: MattressMike
  • Download:

Ding Network:

Ð is a new digital currency developed by phDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Ð, follow this link

Referral Code: 62106ee8a5ac6



  • Hey I’m using the ATM app and earning money from my data without selling my data. Check the app out and let me know what you think

CoinX (CNX) Network: @MattressMike

Sweatcoin Network: Check out this free app – It Pays to Walk –

DEE Network: @mattressmike –

Maiar Network: $10 cashback reward when you buy eGold ($EGLD) with link:

Claim up to 72 coins at once with Dutchy Auto Faucet:

Mine BTC with your Browser & the Clouds CPU (Not yours! No added electrical costs:

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Slyk – Creator Community Coins is now offering $1 in TRX per person referred who registers and either gives an invite to (1) person who becomes a verified member or uses at least 1 or more of the codes listed below or refers 1 new member.

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