My Favorite Way to Passively Earn FREE Gift Cards

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For a solid decade straight, without fail, I have been earning gift cards automatically and for free using my smart phone or other low quality throw away mobile device.

Right now, I know you are asking yourself: “How could this possibly be true? It couldn’t be true. There is just no way, there has to be a catch.”

There are 100,000’s of other sites scamming and lying for clickbait or to get your information to resell it, the world does NOT need another one.

However, this is and we backup what we say with action and provide results.

I would even encourage users to be careful, extremely careful, as statements such as this are almost always not true. Only trust reputable source and even then, check your facts, always!

Down to business:

Users can complete surveys to earn even more points, and this can add up fast, really fast.

How it works:

Each day users receive 10 points automatically. As long as your cellphone is on and the app can run in the background, you will earn these points, it’s that simple. This will total 300 points each month, equivalent to $3.00 USD (10 points = $0.10).

Let’s have a look at my actual account earnings: (Real proof, I stake my reputation on this statement & claim stating the account is my own.


Mobile Performance Meter is a powerful passive income stream in my internet marketers tool belt, as I often use it among other sources when I am giving help to everyday normal American people whom are genuine struggling to make a living.

You may be thinking, how is $3.00/month going to help? (Base passive earning amount)

Great question!

Part of my advice uses advanced strategies to amplify earnings, while not spending much additional time doing so. First, begin by inviting every cellphone in your household info the program. Each additional phone gives a signup bonus of $3.

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