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Turn Amazon Gift Cards into Crypto + up to 40% Profit, Get Paid in Bitcoin (BTC)

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Have an gift card? Do you want to turn it into cash, but don’t know how? Would you like the opportunity to make that gift card, turn into an even bigger gift card?

As Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, they grow in the ways which one can used.

“On Purse, when you name your own discount, it is fulfilled by Earners – individuals who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for your cryptocurrency. As a shopper, you can reach for deeper discounts by trading delivery speed for savings.”

Save on Amazon Buys! is leading the way, offering users a savings of 5% by purchasing their orders and paying in BTC.

Earn Crypto with Amazon Order Flipping!
Sellers are offered a bonus for fulfilling orders and having the Amazon seller ship directly to the original user. Bonuses vary from as little as 5% over retail to 40% over.

Our Crazy Deals was built on the concept of earning gift cards with mobile devices, PCs, and various software/programs, our subscribers (especially long term members) know what we are talking about & just how easy it actually is.

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